[Buildings for videogames]Which topology best? Show me also some examples, please

Hello guys,

I’d like to see some examples of buildings created for video games.
I’m interested to study their topology\wireframe to understand the best practices for creating them.
I understand that they should be as modular as possible, but still I’m quite insecure about the best topology.

For example:
Is this topology suitable for a wall with window?

Or should I try to have my polys more equally distributed like the following?
(I know it’s a different design, with the window without insetting, but let’s just talk about the topology)

I feel this second example is just a waste of polys but would produce more consistent results in case of** tessellation**. Correct?

Please provide some examples of yours if you have any, or from other resources.
I’m interested to see also the whole buildings topology, not just the pieces.

Thanks for the help (-:

(ps. feel free to move the thread to the architectural visualization forum if it fits there better)

First example would be better for general use. Second example if you need to do vertex painting or tesselation


Geometry is so cheap either way is fine. It’s not going to make a difference performance wise.

Well if that was the case then everyone would be using aproach 2 in industry (since as stated above has many technical advantages) yet they dont, they go for 1. Every frame counts at the end.

A lot of AAA games do look closer to 2.