Hi, all!
Probably not posting this in the right place, but I have been making a level in Unreal, and would like to try building for the first time. The options it gives me are to build for my computer, build for Firefox (the browser I use), etc. Now, of course, I want to build it, then post it somewhere. If I build it for my computer, can it ONLY be played there? Where does it go, or where can I post it , if I build it for Firefox? Can I post it on Facebook? Do I have to “package” it?

                                                                                      Thanks much!

If you build it for Windows then it will make a program file with another folder with all of the required files to run it, you can then share that to whomever you want to share it with they would just download those files from you and run the program. Usually it’s easiest to just zip it all and then upload to Google Drive or something like that.

Thank you!