Building UE5 from source - over 400 errors

I’ve been trying to build UE5 from source. I download the zip file from github, run setup.bat, then generateprojectfiles.bat. Up until this point, everything seems to work fine.
Then I open UE5.sln, set my solution configuration to Development Editor, set the platform to win64, then right click UE5 and press build.

After leaving it to build, I am presented with over 400 errors. Many of them refer to FSlateStyleSet and FSlateColourBrush.

One error that appears frequently at the start of the list says ‘no instance of constructor “FSlateColorBrush::FSlateColorBrush” matches the argument list’.
I feel like if I can fix these errors, maybe it will solve the rest.

The final error code is MSB3073.

I don’t understand what’s going wrong, I’ve followed all the online guides to a T.

Which branch did you download? You need to have ue5-early-access as opposed to ue5-main or master.

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Oh okay I didn’t realise, I’ll give the EA build a try. Thanks