Building UE4 with intel compiler

Hi guys,
I’m trying in my spare time make a successful build of UE4 with intel compiler v14.
Things achieved so far:

  1. I was able to invoke compiler and linker through UBT.

Even though intel’s compiler should be simple drop in for vs compiler, things aren’t that smooth.

There are compilation errors though and few other things.

Big question for today:

  1. In file IPluginManager there is function declared:

static PROJECTS_API IPluginManager& Get();

I’m getting info from intellisense that PROJECTS_API is #define PROJECTS_API yet I was unable to find this #define PROJECTS_API anywhere in source code.
Could somebody please tell me where are those defines located?

Thank you.

I think UnrealBuildTool defines it when setting up the build. Take a look at SetupPublicCompileEnvironment in UEBuildModule.cs

Thanks will try that.

Is there still no way to compile UE4 with Intels compiler?