Building UE4 On FreeBSD 11?

So this is a weird one. I downloaded the latest release of UE4 source from GitHub and have it extracted. After extraction I run:


From the directory, ls shows:

Engine                          GenerateProjectFiles.command    LICENSE.pdf                     Samples                         Setup.command                   Templates
GenerateProjectFiles.bat                       Setup.bat                                     UE4Games.uprojectdirs

Yet I get:

$ pwd
$ ./
/bin/sh: ./ not found

Any ideas? I’m trying to get off of Windows for good and like some functionality in FreeBSD not available in Linux for other projects so I don’t want to have to use Linux for this.


So this was a dumb one on my part, running:

sudo ln -s /usr/local/bin/bash /bin/bash

(after installing sudo of course) got it updating dependencies, taking awhile but I’ll post more if it works/fails as I attempt to get it going.

Hey -

The operating systems that support UE4 are Windows, Mac, and Linux. UE4 is not supported on FreeBSD.


This isn’t an answer. Nearly everything which works on Linux works on FreeBSD and most of it isn’t supported. I get that’s an official answer and you are a staff member at Epic Games, but could you please unlock this so others can answer? I’m 100% looking for a hack here, not a supported solution.

How did it go? Did you manage to get it going?