Building times takes to long, 4+ hours

I have a problem, my project is a multiplayer game and for that I am using the git hub version of the unreal engine and I compile the engine code did everything correctly. BUT IN the project I have to rebuild for the server and clients and the process takes too much time. About 5 hours or 4 if I have only the compile processes running. And this time it every time I try to do the build I have to wait this much to have a working build. I don’t know what to do anymore, I can work like that I just lost so much time just waiting to the build finish

Are you clicking on “Rebuild” in Visual Studio build menu. Why do you think you need to “Rebuild” instead of “Build”?

VS unreal game project use nmake. Project only rebuild does not work expected. It rebuild engine+game.

Check Rama’s tip…967#post269967

Yes don’t use Rebuild. You have 3 options Build, Clean and Rebuild. Rebuild is a combination of Clean then Build. Just select your project (not the solution) and select Build. If something is corrupt or out of date (if you updated the IDE) then delete the appropriate intermediate folder.