Building The UE4 Editor On FreeBSD?

It’s been over a year since I last looked into this, but has there been any progress in getting the UE4 Editor to run on FreeBSD? Based on this it looks like it might not be possible, but all the code that links to is very old so I’m just hoping something has changed since then.

Yes, it is possible but with a lot of work. I’ve done so for 4.19.1 and am able to compile and run the techdemo’s and the editor. Now it’s just hoping for Unreal Tournament to get updated and I’ll be able to compile that one too :wink:
The link you’re referring to is actually the starting point for my own fork, but I ended up doing so much more changes than I expected when I started.

Do you have a how-to for it posted anywhere? Not to sound lazy, but I am - so I’ve just dual booted into Windows whenever I want to work in UE4, but would strongly prefer to not have to do so for the UE4 Editor (though Blender currently has a rather annoying bug in the primary port with the last working version incompatible with other libraries in FreeBSD, so that’s kind of a wash since the mouse jumps around any time you use the middle button, making Blender unusable on a multi-monitor display based on x server - but that’s a whole other issue - some idiot felt like making Blender compatible with an x server spec several decades old which has never been implemented on any system and refuses to change it because it’s technically per spec - probably some form of corporate warfare from the wayland dev team given it’s been kicking around as an issue for about a year when it would take a 1-line comment to fix but I digress.)

I’m afraid that right now there is no how-to. Running it on FreeBSD involves compiling all third party libs, the editor and tools. Much of what I have isn’t ready for publication just yet, but I just wanted to let you know that this is in fact possible and that you don’t have to do all the work yourself.
It prevents double work and such.
I am hoping that I’ll get much of my changes into the main epic branch(es) and to have FreeBSD (or all *BSD’s for that matter) as official platform.

I only got there by accident again, but I’d like to add to this question because a lot has changed since my initial answer.
There’s a thread on the FreeBSD Forum where I’ve been keeping the world up to date about this.
The latest 4.24.1 release has been ported and is available on my GitHub. The release documentation is now also kept on there instead of on the FreeBSD forum. With what’s there you should be able to get it running at least as well as on Linux.