Building the engine 4.14.3 from source on OSX 10.12.2 with Xcode 8.2.1

I am trying to build the source code 4.14.3 on a OSX Sierra 10.12.2 with XCode 8.2.1(8C1002). When Xcode loads the solution initially it has 24 error triangles saying “Validate Project Settings” and “Update to recommended settings”. I have tried compiling on two different macs and get the same starting point. I tried reinstalling XCode. Re downloading the source code but keep getting same result. What am I doing wrong? Should I download some extra tools? Could this be the CLANG version mismatch? Is there a recommended/supported version of the software? I did follow the instructions on GitHub and tried searching on Google and here without finding a solution.

Is there a more detailed description of the process outthere you can point me to?


I ignored the warnings and compiled as described on GitHub and it seems to have worked.