Building textures on every start up

I’m having 5 min+ engine start-up times and reading Saved/Logs it is very clear that its due to the engine building textures every start up. Even textures that were built previous start up are rebuilt. The project I’m opening is not made by me, so I’m thinking it could be caused by non-default project settings, but I haven’t been able to find what could be causing this. Anyone know what could cause textures to be rebuilt every time, rather than being built once and only rebuilt on changes?

Bumped into the same issue. Have you found what caused that by any chance?

I have had this in a Project last year. I am not sure, but I think the solution was to create a new Textur Folder inside unreal and drag all Textures into it.

It seems to be rebuilding lightmaps in the process as well and you can’t move those into another folder so that probably wasn’t the solution. But something to consider anyway. Thank you.

I’m not having issues with lightmaps, so I will try your suggestion, thanks!