Building Team for Medieval Fantasy War Game

MassiveWar is a singleplayer/Coop game, set in a fantasy world…  The hero (Player) will travel through a world which is ruled by 3 big Kingdoms.  The hero will take on quests, fight big battles and either join or create his own kingdom

  • Several Heroes will be available, each with his unique set of skills.

  • The style of the game aims for mixture of cartoony and realistic

  • Battlefields can be either open fields, Castle Sieges, mountains and others.

Now to myself. I have been doing projects the last past years and want to start through with my Studio “Vescor Games” again. I’m more of a generalist in developing games and to get this project started I’m looking for either beginners in Unreal Engine who wants to do their first step in Game Development or experienced people.

This project can also be seen as a learning project for new uprising developers.

For now, my goal is to get pre-production down. That means Game Design and Project Timeline and finish the prototype.

I’m looking for people with the following skills or what they would like to get into:

Game Designer

Programmer C++ Network

Programmer C++ Gameplay

Level Designer

The main focus lies on the prototype, so nothing fancy or anything like that but getting a feeling for the overall gameplay.

If you are interested in one of them or have a skill that is not listed above but still want to join this project ?
Then please write an email and contact me at jobs[at]

If you would like to know more about the project, add me to your skype: patrickvoelz

you are the hero in the middle of those hell holes


How is this different from Mount and Blade, or Dynasty Warriors?


you are the hero in the middle of those hell holes

Well I wouldnt really consider Mount and blade an action styled game tbh. Its rather a siege simulator, everything is rather slower and realistic. And about Dynastie Warrior, well there are tons of those asian styled games out there with rather cartoony / anime looks.
The graphic style this Project is aiming for goes rather in the direction of “For Honor” for example.

Updated OP, turned this more in a learning project for people who would like to start out with game development. Project is changing into Unpaid as well for the time being.

I’d really love to as a 3D artist, concept artist, story writer or programmer (I’m not that good at c++ or c# but i’m better at making blueprints)

Id really love to help**


We are currently mainly looking for the following Positions:

**Game Designer

3D Artist

Level Designer**


A perforce server has been set up for project sharing. For communication we use Skype.

May inquire what is expected of a game designer in this particular project?

What kind of contribution is required from the writer? (For instance, how much text and immersion and narration and influence on some design decisions would one be talking about, here?)

Updated OP requiered Positions,
@MightyKiwi I expect that a game designer is working with on the game design document and keep it up-to-date, create and work with on gameplay systems (concept), help with quest ideas and ideas in general.

Tell us about the legal stuff.