Building System low performance

Hello Guys,
we programmed a building system, it all works fine, but when we build a big house our frames start dropping.
Every tutorial I look up ( like this one UE4 Forum , but ours is a little more complex) is pretty similar to our system so I can’t figure out how the developers from ARK or Space Engineers did it that you can build enormous structures.
Can you give me tips or some references for how to continue from now on?


If you have standard components which you place in the world I would look up the Instance Static Mesh Component. It’s much more lightweight then the standard mesh actor.

Dynamic Lighting can be a big performance hit, so it may not be your meshes but the lightning you use.

I don’t know that much about performance optimization, it can be a lot of different things, but that’s two subjects to look in to either way :slight_smile:

First up, thanks for that answer =)
I will try that and see how it goes, but I’m still interested in other solutions.
I will report how that worked for me later… =)

I would also suggest investigating lodding as that helps a lot to reduce poly count for far off objects

It’s on the To-Do List now! =)

Congratulations! You’ve reached the stage called “refactoring”!

You probably should start to use profiling tools:

My personal advise, make sure You have no Tick events.

Space Engineers using different engine, can’t say anything about it except, networking there is bad.

I will read about that, thanks! =)

Also I’m not really sure when to mark the question as “answered”, because there is so much to this topic…

Ofc! It’s not mandatory. And it’s better to post an answer once You’ve resolved the problem, to help others.