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-Building system

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-100% Blueprints!
-6 Blueprints
-6 Materials
-13 Textures
-example map

Really awesome system man! :smiley:

Nice. I think i might get that…

i’m glad you liked it

thanks you

A tutorial for this system is on youtube … actually for THIS.

What do you mean?

can you send us a link for the video?

There you go …
it is nearly the same

Nice video tutorial (i remember how i watch this, i don’t know german/deutsch and turn off sound and on my music. i watch this video and recreated in my test project - 12 and half hours, all night.) :slight_smile:

I’m watch video what posted Zachery Broski and see, his system different - 1: not snapping parts 2:
he can change the distance to the object 3: gathering resources.

hey nice video, I don’t know german and I make that system with out any video,
and degvello I will update this pack in the future and may add an option for snapping, more models and more

Hey I purchased the one direct from Tiller who created the one for Marketplace. It looks like he has abandoned it at this time not sure. I have it networked and seems like it is working good. My problem is support for post match start relevancy. You have any solutions for networking and spawning building parts that have been built prior to someone one logging in? Thanks for any help you can provide. Great job btw