Building Structure Questions - Destructible and Basements

Hi all,

We’re currently in the process of deciding on design methodology for both destructibility and subterranean spaces in our buildings. This has lead to some interesting questions in logic.

First Question: Destructibility
We’re aiming for replicated destructibility as SEEN HERE.
Does anyone have any idea or information as to whether we can get away with a single “house” mesh to do this, or will every single panel need to be isolated and it’s own mesh? Or, are we able to use a plugin to control how the mesh performs when damaged? Obviously, it would be preferable to create a single structure that maintain integrity when damaged - save for the area immediately effected. Most of the time, the effect of damaging a small part of the house would cause the larger structure to shatter. Obviously, we much prefer the small, more controlled and topical destruction as seen in the above video.

*Second Question: ANSWERED Basements
I understand the landscape actor can be erased to allow the insertion of caves. In creating out buildings, we’re keen to have basements attached to the house. Additionally, we’re also keen to handle bomb holes, trenches, cisterns and wells. Is there a way to make the mesh negate/erase the landscape actor so that it fits into the terrain without the terrain protruding into the building? I’m guessing this would be a collision sphere in the model or something like that.

ANSWER: Answered my own question. The easiest way is to set up hole material in the landscape as explained here:
Then, build the basement in as a part of the building mesh.
Many thanks!

I watched that video and it doesn’t look to me like the destruction is being replicated. If it were then the walls on each client would fall apart identically, but they don’t (AFA I can tell). I think that video is just showing replicated projectiles affecting two separate local destructible meshes. Ideally, when a chunk falls off and hits me, the other players will see me get crushed by the same chunk. I suspect this has been a problem for the people working on Crackdown 3. Last demo I saw, there was no real collision going on with the players. In their defense, this is quite a difficult problem. Even with a good solution there’s no way to get around the huge amount of bandwidth it requires.