Building Solution - Changes don't take effect until editor restart

Something that I find highly annoying is that I have to restart the editor for any of my blueprint nodes that I worked on to change. I see the little message “C++ hot-reloaded” or whatever it says after building my solution, but I still have to restart the editor. Is there no way to make the changes take effect immediately? Or at least just reload the blueprint files without restarting the whole editor?

Works for me after pressing the Compile button in the editor. Does it compile without errors? Maybe try refreshing a node in question manually to see if that helps? Or check your log (Window->Developer Tools->Output Log) for any errors regarding hot reload?
I’m using 4.9.1 built from GitHub source.

Thanks, the compile button works! (I didn’t know about it), but doesn’t work after renaming my project, here is another thread for my new problem: