Building project - shows "yellow warnings" for content that doesn't exist?

Hi All,

Something I’ve noticed for sometime now but not paid too much attention to is;

When building projects, I tend to see lots and lots of yellow warnings for “Failed to load” or “Can’t find file” for some of my other projects, as an example, I can create a blank BP project (vehicle game) run a build and it still in output log finds all these yellow warning errors for content I know are in other projects but not in this current 1.

Does anybody else experience this? a colleague of mine also gets the same, is there a way to clear this and keep the build relevant to only it’s contents, ironically the project builds to a success but those yellow warnings are driving me insane, I’ve tried to delete the *DerivedCache *in case something is pulling from there but nope… can’t find out why.

As always… any support would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards

Hey there!

The cooked project will go through essentially everything that is in your game content folder. Warnings can be fine, it’s red that you want to be worried about. I’ve noticed the same thing you experienced on my end, particularly with some engine related content. It doesn’t affect the build though or the game.


Thanks for your reply!

It still doesn’t explain why it is referring to contents and files which are not in the project folder at all, so my question was where is this looking to presume teh files should exist and give a yellow warning? kind of makes no sense really/

Hi all,

Hope we are all keeping safe.

Just wondered if anybody had thoughts on this since my original post.

Reason I ask is I’m getting close to a test release and would really like to clean up the project and errors, any support would be greatly appreciated.