Building Paradox Levels (like some Stanly Parable aspects)

Hey there community,

I have a question that came up in the pre-production of an university project of mine.

Is there a way to build paradox styled levels with unreal engine.
e.g. a door that leeds to a room but the room is only visible through the door

You should be able to surround the door - the room may only become real space if you have entered it - possible?

Thanks for any advice!!

PS - I only could think of portals, tried to do something similar in skyrim a few years ago.

So, you’re interested in non-euclidean level design, eh? Me too, but… Well there’s a bit of bad news. I had spent roughly 3 weeks researching the topic so I’ll link you to what I’ve found so far, but UE4 doesn’t naively support this feature. It’s all just workarounds and smoke and mirrors. In order to get truly seamless portal doors you would need to implement C++ like what they did in Antichamber.

If you’ve got closed environments it’s not so hard, you can use level streaming to bring levels in and out between shut doors. But if you want a room that’s bigger on the inside, that’s a bit more of a problem. Anyhow, hope these help you get started. If you find out how to achieve it let me know.

Looks like portals from Prey (2006) and portals from Xonotic FOSS FPS game. Not sure why UE4 can’t do what ancient games did/do.

Wow thank you!! Really nice didn’t expected an answer that quick :slight_smile:

I guess your posted Links deal more with the actual “Portal Game Portal Idea”.

I found this though. It comes really close to the effect I want but it should be “two way” so you have to be able to get back through the same door.
Maybe level streaming is the solution, would be cool to find something related.

I try to upload the Stanley Parable reference later.

The main challenge is to get actors cross over seamlessly.

In Xonotic, they call it “warpzones”:

it also has multi-gravity rooms:

as far as I know it was all scripted using QuakeC script, no engine changes were made.

Seeing that I am sure UE4 can handle such mechanics and if not, that’s pretty odd.