Building new rig: AMD vs Intel

I’m planning to build a new rig, so my question is this: is AMD 8350 better than Intel i7 4770 for UE development?

For CPUs, you can only choose Intel at the moment. In ~ half a year, AMD will show their new CPUs with a completely new architecture that hopefully can compete with Intel again. Until then, just buy Intel.

I used to have a amd 8350. Wasn’t a bad cpu. Then I changed to a i7 4970k. And I would say the difference was massive. As John said, amd are coming out with new cpu’s later in the year, but until they are out its a guessing game. Safest bet is to go Intel. Or hold of and see what comes out later in year

4770, 4790K or Xeon 1231 v3 are all good choices of Quad core Hyper-threaded chips. The Xeon is a cheaper version of the 4770 without the iGPU (So no QuickSync).

I personally have a 4790K, it’s worth the money IMO but it certainly isn’t required.

I also have a 4790K (Upgraded from an AMD A10-7850K Kaveri), and I love it!

ummm id go with amd 8350…I just got a new rig with intel i7 6700 and 32 rams of ddr4 ram it is a piece of **** :confused: my amd 8350 with 64 ddr 3 was way faster…this over priced intel bottle necks and renders like a one legged donkey :confused: very ****** with intel…using a 960 nivida card which is **** too compared to my old 770 uggggggg I’m so ******…

Cussing isn’t going to

Cussing isn’t going to prove your point or convince anyone. Back your claims up with some benchmarks or numbers.

Cursing is not really gonna help you, also from best benchmarks out there, i7 6700 is at rank #79 while amd is at rank #138 … so no way.

From my point, I had AMD too and had a lot of problems with it only, switched to Intel i5-3570k and did not have any problems. Yes, Intel is little bit expensive but its worth the money, its much better than anything you can get from AMD right now.

As guys suggested above, AMD should be back in game if they will bring what they promise (but remember, they promised similar things like zilion times and always failed).

sorry wasn’t trying to upset you guys…when I was usen my amd, it would render ue4 sets 4 times faster…and things loaded faster…intel is better for games by far…but doing ue4 based stuff id disagree…

Well, I did more research and found PassMark website, and they have interesting CPU charts. So I made a comparison between these CPUs: =1919&cmp]=1780"]]=1919&cmp]=1780](

So, there are several things that convinced me that Intel i7 4770K is actually a better pick. But, look at the price! -_-; (it’s still cheaper than Oculus Rift though :D)

I also was surprised to see that max TDP of Intel i7 4770 is surprisingly low compared to AMD 8350, which is good, less drawn power = less heat. The PassMark CPU Mark score for i7 4770 is also higher than AMD 8350, although synthetic benchmark is, most of the time, not reflecting the real world situation.

For gaming, i7 4770 is clearly better than AMD 8350 though, as shown in this video:

Unfortunately I couldn’t find videos that shows UE4 doing light build using these CPUs. But since light building is more CPU heavy, I think CPU Mark score could give me some insight about how Intel will perform compared to AMD.

As for AMD new architecture (Polaris?), I thought it’s for their graphic cards only? Well, if this year AMD finally come up with better and cheaper CPU than Intel, good for them! Maybe I’ll build another rig using new AMD CPUs.

Maybe the fault is more likely an overall system fault, not CPU alone. For example, 32GB of low quality RAM tend to slowing the overall system performance down than 16GB of high quality RAM. Motherboards are also playing important role in current rigs building as shown in this article Gigabyte Z170X Gaming G1 motherboard.

But you guys got me thinking again about what CPU should I choose. Number of cores in CPU is increasingly important in today and next generation game engines, especially Unreal Engine. Swarm Agent for light building in UE4 also get more benefit from higher number of local cores. So maybe 6 cores or more is the better choice?

Either you never had the Intel CPU or you made something horrible horrible wrong on the software side, because the i7 is clearly a hell lot faster.

Had AMD, ditched for Intel. At this point, AMD is simply inferior in game development (compiles, some lighting, etc.). They make great CPU’s for the price, though…

AMD does make CPU with great price but considering how high their TDP numbers are, then to me Intel CPU is more economical (saving some electrical bills) and eco-friendly (less heat). :smiley: