"Building navigation" all the time when I move something

How can I stop this madness? Everytime i change the heightmap or move a mesh or a BSP brush, it is building navigation again. It’s impossible to work this way.

All options that should disable it don’t seem to have an effect.

Well, everytime you move something, navigation does have to rebuild. I remember (a while ago) reading (or watching) a tutorial about runtime navigation. You might want to search for this if it’s really getting to you.

I don’t understand how anyone can work this way, if every move you make starts the building process that makes everything slow and stuttery - so everything is always slow.
I changed the runtime options in the navigation mesh project settings. But it doesn’t seem do have an effect, I dunno.

just delete the NavMesh Volume and add it back when you’re done with geometry

Good idea! I didn’t delete it but moved it far Z up and it worked