Building my own characters

Hello, I am building realistic characters that I am bringing into Unreal Engine 4. I started importing a character that was a little over 100,000 polygons. It was taking forever to import just the model so I scaled the model down to 20,000. It took just as long so I went back up to the 100,000 poly model. After waiting for a small length of time it does import just fine. Should I be worried about the length of time my character takes to import? A sign of things to come? Any advice when importing characters? It’s a pretty cool character that I can’t wait to rig and then see what he can do in my game.

You shouldn’t be worried about the time it takes to import because that is a lot of polys. You should be fine. Through I would say 100k might be a lot for a production character. I am also surprised that the 100k model didn’t take any longer than your 20k model.