Building Lightning problem

Been googling a lot but can’t seem to find a fix to this, I recently even deleted 50% of my foliage, didn’t change a thing. Everything worked just fine yesterday as well, havent added any foliage either since it worked, just some basic meshes…

Also have this warning inside my viewport “TEXTURE STREAMING POOL OVER ~170MB”

Any suggestions? nothing I do seem to work

Thx in advance.

Just noticed an error in the bottom saying “Swarm failed to kick off” before this error pops up

Alright, tried removing every single one of my foliage meshes, added a “Lightmass Importance Volume” over my house, got this error message instead

Really need some help here, idk whats going on…

First issue–if you have a lot of foliage then it will use a lot of memory when building lighting which might make it impossible to do depending on how much memory your system has. What games usually do in that situation is use dynamic lighting.

The other issues, looks like some object are scaled wrong, some objects in the scene don’t have a static mesh plugged into the static mesh property (meaning they are an empty actor and don’t know what mesh to reference from the content browser)
Others have collision enabled, but they don’t have a collision mesh for the static mesh which means there’s no way to calculate collision.