Building lighting on streaming levels

I’m trying to build an interior of a building that uses level streaming to load in rooms before the player enters, which is simple enough to do in blueprint. I’m also randomly choosing between several variations of the room before the player enters so that the player can leave the room and come back to one that’s completely different. This is causing problems when I build the lighting since the rooms technically overlap (even when hidden) so the lighting information from one room bleeds into the others. I can open each sub level and build the lighting individually, but once I build the persistent level I end up with the overlapping lights issue again.

Iam also interested in that.

I would try something like this :

Make your persistent level have NO lighting or anything that would be affected by lights from multiple “Levels” because anything in the Persistent level will try to render with any new lighting setup.

Put your main lighting for the first room in it’s own level. Lev1 Lighting
Turn on the levels you want to render with this light and render. Lev1 rooms

Create a new light and put it in a separate level. Lev2 Lighting
Turn on the levels you want to render with this light and render. Lev2 rooms

turn off all the Lev1 stuff when you trigger on Lev2 and vice-versa.

You could probably do a small world test of this setup to see how it fares before you throw a big game scene in and have to wait a long time for renders to come back.

but if I want to use lev2 with lev1 - for example street and the room in the building?