Building lighting for Dynamic Mesh Change Objects

hi i have created a blueprint which helps to change material and mesh in run time…but after i build lighting everything gets build but not the blueprint or the dynamic meshes
is there any way to pre build lighting for the meshes or any other way… i used static lighting in scene…
i have tried using the light setting for the object but it doesn’t do the trick for me…

please help me solving this issue…i following attached are the images how it looks like and the blue print of the object
thanks in advance

If the mesh doesn’t exist at the time of building the lighting then it can’t bake the lighting for it.

cant we prebuilt the light map and save it with in the model itself and use it anytime…if not then what is the solution

No, the lightmap can’t be saved with the object, it gets saved with the map. If you wanted, you could bake a complete map with texturing in another program and then apply it as an Unlit material to the object, but you wouldn’t get reflections/specular.

Could you put your two sofas in the scene at the same time, then duplicate all static lights which affect it and adjust lighting channels so that each is affected by each set of lights, build the lighting, then hide one mesh at runtime and simply swap them in and out of visibility?

Havent tested this just throwing an idea out

There really needs to be a simple lock baked light check box.

+1 on that

You can bake the same light on empty level with your mesh, and then just load as streaming level with new mesh and the same light.

Phillzz is right

That possibly will work, but you mean to duplicate the whole level and build light, then delete everything and left just the desired object and then load it as streaming level in the main scene?

Exactly yes, this is how I am doing it in my project, you can have different configurations for the same room, it is done with level streaming. You have you persistent level where you build lighting with the other levels hidden, then open each level individually and build lighting on these, then turn off all exterior lights such as skylight and direct lights

I don’t think that you need to copy all the level. It will be enough to copy desired object, light that affect this object and probably geometry that cast shadows on your object. And then when the lighting will be build, just remove additional stuff.