Building light critical error!

A very critical problem!
In projects that are created on the 4.7.0 build light at all settings hangs and hangs the computer.
On new projects in the standard stage for half an hour, he comes to 87% and can not be extended. If you cancel, completely clogs the computer’s memory. Only a reboot helps.
I am used 4.7.3

Hi Othelnic12,

Can you provide any information about your system and it’s setup that may help? Preferably a DxDiag saved to a txt file.

I’ve not run across any issues that show a difference between 4.6 and 4.7 on my end unfortunately.

Can you also tell me the following:

  • Are you just building lighting for a template project or for a personal project
  • If it’s a template project, which one? ’
  • Do you have 4.6 installed and if so are you able to do a comparison between the two?
  • Can you open Swarm Agent (taskbar in bottom right, icon looks like a yellow/orange S) and go to the logs tab an and copy that to a txt file to upload here as well.

Attach files dxdiag. Tests made on the building project all standard scenes, and training projects. Result - a complete computer crash. Swarf agent can not open because it does not have any control at the time of freezing.
If you cancel the building project, Swarm agent can only be closed.
Compared with 4.6 Building there goes perfectly, in all scenes in any lighting setup. Changes only time building project course.

Looking at your DxDiag, you’re on the lower end of the recommended specs. While the video card seems sufficient and won’t affect light builds, low RAM can cause more issues like you’re seeing. It shows you only have 4gb of RAM with which Win 7 will use a ~1.5 gb and UE4 will use a couple of gbs. This doesn’t leave much for Swarm Agent to work with.