Building in the game and saving the result

According to the concept of the game, all buildings and vehicles are built from modules, directly in the game. The selection of the module from the widget, placement and orientation have already been implemented. It is not possible to correctly organize the calculation of modules installed in space, record and load the result.

Where can I read, how to organize the data correctly, in order to preserve the state of the game. Then, accordingly, you need to organize the saving itself, and after loading the data and deploy. Perhaps there is a way to somehow read all the changes in the level and release this state at boot time?

Technical demo, where you can fly a little over space and build a space station by selecting blocks from the widget button “C” and set them as you want, rotating in one plane with the mouse wheel, moving the ADWS ship (QE), clicking the installation (right click cancel) . On the “V” remove the unnecessary block. Acceleration of the left ctrl (back) and the shift, to the backspace fast forward. At “P” pause, save and exit.

Now you can save what you have built, make screenshots, record the video of your creations, and our team will continue to work. (Win64) build up orbit

forgot to take into account such a moment that the links to the object can lose relevance even directly during the execution of the application, they are trivially removed by the garbage collector. What can I say about trying to save information in the form of links.

The structure of the objects of the class is already available, from it there is a choice of ectors for placement on the stage. Therefore, instead of referring to the ectors, it was necessary immediately to take the corresponding elements from this structure.