Building ground texture?

When building a SimCity / town type of game, there is the building construct and the ground / floor texture for something like a car-park, maybe the road and other things that are on a flat poly, maybe even a sprite under a character. I can’t how this is usually done without intersecting the floor.

Any suggestions ?

You could use for example a car-park texture as one of the landscape materials/textures. And you could project decals on the landscape also without extra poly. so both would be on the one flat poly surface or landscape if you like.

Does sound like a good idea. Just discovered Decals due to pointer anims, they do what I’m looking for and are easy to create / remove but also seem a bit expensive when rendering. The other draw back I guess would need 2 meshes, 1 when placed with the decal and 1 for when moving a mesh around just to show the bounds of the area, however have seen examples using a ghost mesh.