Building gameplay for different aspect ratios

I’m used to making support for different display aspect ratios by defining a 3:2 safe zone for the important content, pretty much like this.
Only now I’m building an UE4 game that needs to do this for more than UI (previous games had camera controls that solved much of the problem), and I feel like I’m not doing it in a decent way, actually I’m doing this (keep in mind, this works because all my cameras use ortograpic projection):

  1. Drag a cube to right to the front of the camera
  2. Constrain camera to 16:9
  3. Scale cube to be completely inside the camera’s view
  4. Change camera to a 4:3 ratio
  5. Rescale cube to fit inside the new view

Replacing a cube with a trigger box gives me something like this:
(and Nicolas Cage is a big plus)

HOWEVER, that feels so amateur-ish it makes me sad :frowning:
How do you handle the multiple aspect ratios problem? How does it affect your workflow?

hmm, well … based on my experience, working with one 2d game using ortho cam, I would do limit my ‘game area/canvas’ based on the ortho width used in camera settings.

e.g, if you’re using ortho width 512, on potrait the game area would be 512 width 768 height and for landscape, 512 height 768 width, everything else outside the area is deco or filler. But perhaps that’s just me, others may have better approach.

Yeah, that’s how I built that guideline cube (the trigger box on my ss), anyway I’m really interested in different takes on this.