Building from Source in Visual Studio 2015 produces old unreal version

Build Type: Source build

Build version: 4.11.2

Issue: After building from source in Visual Studio 2015, the project must be converted to 4.11. This replicates for Shooter Game example, a project updated from 4.10, and a fresh project made entirely in 4.11.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Open Project. File → Open Visual Studio
  2. Close unreal.
  3. Build in Visual Studio 2015.
  4. Open uproject file
  5. Pop up appears: “The following modules are mising or built with a different engine version: UE4Editor-ProjectName.dll. Would you like to rebuild them now?” (where ProjectName is the name of the project)
  6. Say yes, project builds.
  7. Warning appears in Output Log: “LogInit:Warning: Incompatible or missing module: UE4Editor-ProjectName.dll”

The project then works as usual. But sometimes when you try to compile from inside unreal, you get the following: “Warning: LogVSAccessor:Warning: Couldn’t access Visual Studio” and the compile button will disappear from the toolbar in the editor.

Hello Meagatron,

Thank you for reporting this issue. I attempted to reproduce the problem as per your steps but was unable to. The only thing I had to do extra was to create a new project in my 4.11.2 source and then compile the project once so that the project could open and I could do step one.

Are either your engine or your project on an external hard drive of some sort? Also, is this your first time using an engine built with source? If not, did this not happen prior to 4.11.2? When you build in Visual Studio, what build configuration are you building for and what is your target? Have you tried running the project (when it is still giving the error, so at step 3) in debug to see if it will launch properly?

That would be due to the debug version being built for Debug_Editor, so the same .dll’s wouldn’t be used. I’ll continue looking into this problem and get back to you when I know more. I did have this happen once about a week ago, but it never happened again.

Hello ,

Thanks for your response. The engine and project are on the same internal harddrive. We were using 4.10 from source until last week and were not having this problem. My build configuration is Development (Development_Editor for UE4) for platform Win64.

It seems to open fine when running the project in debug.

But if I close that, and then open it from the uproject file afterwards, it still gives me the “The following modules are missing or built with a different engine version:”

Thank you! :slight_smile:

So it turns out I was not in fact set to Development Editor for UE4, it was initially Development Game, and it seems to be working now that it is set to Development Editor.

Ah that would do it. Development Editor builds the the .dlls needed for the editor, while Devleopment Game builds it for when you actually run the game (such as right-clicking the .uproject and hitting “Launch Game”, I believe.) Development itself is for building the binaries needed for packaging out for Development in the editor.

Glad you were able to find the issue!