Building for Android erases my project settings (icons and the like)

Hello everyone,

When I build for android, I set up all my icons at various sizes and set other settings, and I make sure that the project is configured for android platforms. When I build, however, all these settings are set to default. I did some debugging, and I noticed that as soon as I built, the settings reverted to their default state!

Here is a gif of it in action:

Does anyone have any idea on how to fix it? It isn’t show stopping, but having the icons show up is something that needs to be done as we are nearing launch!

Thought I would bump this.

I’ve never seen this behavior. The settings are written to your project’s Config directory. Build/Android is also set up when you configure for Android.

Is there anyway I can troubleshoot this?

I would look at the folders and see when they change. Be aware the Intermediate/Android/APK directory is NOT where any changes should be made; it gets cleaned and rebuilt as needed.

I was considering just changing the paths to the icons outside of unreal’s interface and directly in the file, but I don’t know where to set that.

The editor copies the icons into the project’s Build/Android/res folder into the proper dpi folder. First, the defaults are copied here when you configure for Android, then if you change the setting in the Project Settings, the selected file is copied here. Everything from Build/Android is copied to Intermediate/Android/APK during the step to make the APK in MakeAPK in UEDeployAndroid.cs.

Okay, changing the files manually got everything working. Thanks for the help!!