Building & Crafting Game [Minecraft inspired]

We are making a building & crafting game. At the moment we are focusing only on Creative mode.
Our building & crafting game is inspired by Minecraft which revolves around creativity and education.
This is a Pre-Alpha WIP game and is under heavy development.

We are heavily inspired by the game Minecraft and our aim is to revolve our game more around education and focus on the creative mechanics, resources & crafting which will be different to Minecraft so that people can create unique creations in a unique learning environment.

In creative mode resources are unlimited.
The world is infinite and procedurally generated based on different seeds.

Preview #1: This video shows the different types of landscapes that are procedurally generated at runtime.

Preview #2: Differentiating voxels based on height (snow & sand).

Preview #3: Exterior cave systtem.

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Building & Crafting Game Preview #2 - Snow and Sand

Preview #3: Exterior cave system.