Building Combinations


Completely new UE4 user who would like to remake my favourite PS1 game (Team Buddies).

The scenario is:
There is a 2x2x2 build pad where blocks are placed, then kicked open to spawn weapons/ allies/ vehicles, dependent on what configuration the blocks are in prior to being kicked open.

My idea of how to accomplish this is as follows:

  • Create sockets in the build pad, which blocks will snap to if distance < distance x (variable)
  • If sockets 1 and 2/ 2 and 3/ 3 and 4/ 4 and 1 (sockets horizontally adjacent to each other) are occupied, remove the individual blocks and spawn a combined-block (horizontal)
  • If sockets 1 and 5/ 2 and 6/ 3 and 7/ 4 and 8 (sockets one above the other) are occupied, remove the individual blocks and spawn a combined block (vertical)
  • Same as above but for a few more combinations
  • Associate each block/ combined block to a weapon/ ally/ vehicle in the level blueprint (so that each level can have different weapons etc)
  • When (Type of block/ combined block) is kicked open, spawn relative asset (and remove combined- block)

I would like to think my theory above will work, but I haven’t used blueprints yet. If this will or wont work please let me know. Likewise if there is a cleaner/ better way to accomplish this.

All comments greatly appreciated.


Yes that sounds like it would work, in blueprints.