Building Blueprints without lern

Hey there,

how i can create a Blueprint in a Workstation and dont need to lern it.
If i dont put my blueprint into Engram-Entry, the blueprint isnt in the Workstation.
Any Idea ?

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With the way the current system works, it isn’t possible. You would need to create a new structure to be your new workstation, and then create custom Use logic in blueprints to create the behavior you are looking for.

Hey there,

thanks 4 your answer.
I already have my own Workstation, and create a new scructure in the PrimalGameDate_BP under Additional Structure Engramms and has create there a link under Class Additions.
But i cant see it if im Test it

u understand ?

Thanks 4 Helping me

Hey man, I think I know what you’re after. What I do to do this is inside the inventory BP of the crafting station set these both to true:
“Force Inventory Non Removable”
“Force Inventory Blueprints”
Then go under “Default Inventory Items” add whatever items you want. You then need to go under default engrams and add a new entry with the value “2”. - I have no idea if this is how you’re supposed to do it but it works for me, unless you want to add them in the event graph which is simple too.
Doing this allows you to set blueprints inside the crafting table, craft them, remove what you craft but players can’t remove the actual blueprint. Hope this helps!

Is there a way to make it so the blueprint/s won’t show up until a certain level or levels? IE: The bp/s do not become visible or usable unless you are say level 80 and the next at 81??

Hey p0k3r Im not sure if you are still having issues with the levels but I did notice something inside the item blueprint that allows you to set a level that they have to be to craft. It’s not great though as it just doesn’t allow you do craft it. Theres no info saying you need to be a certain level etc. I havnt messed to much but if I find anything else that may be helpful ill post.

Yeah I had found that and as you said it just prevents you from crafting it till you hit the required level. I’d like them to not be visible till you reach the level