Building Blueprints from existing layouts

I’ve recently moved from Unity to Unreal. I’m attempting to turn an existing room (static meshes, lights, fx, etc) into a prefab that I can instance in multiple places in the level. My understanding is that I should be doing this with a blueprint object. Using that assumption, is the an easy way to select all placed objects/actors and convert this into a blueprint? Currently, it seems that I need to create a blueprint from scratch and then meticulously add objects/actors to this and replace every object using transform copy/pastes. I have a hard time believing this is the intended workflow.


To follow up on this…

Multiple objects can be converted into a blueprint by:

  1. Selecting all desired objects
  2. Toolbar -> Blueprints -> Convert selected components to Blueprints class

Somehow I didn’t see this option. It would be nice if the details panel also had this option.

All that said, converting multiple static meshes into a blueprint is causing some lighting issues. At the moment, it doesn’t seem to be a viable option for creating static mesh prefabs. I’ll probably post to in the "Feedback for Epic regarding the issue.