Building Animations in-Engine?

Hello everyone,
My project as recently switched engines from Unity to Unreal, and I was wondering if Unreal had any sort of method of creating animations in game, similar to Unity’s ‘animator’?

How to get started with Unity - Using the Animator - YouTube Timecode 6:30

I know you can use the Sequencer and Matinee features to move objects inside levels (such as opening doors or blowing open walls for cutscenes), but these features seem hard-coded for instances of objects inside levels, and cannot be used generically (IE: I can’t find a way to make one matinee that’s part of every door blueprint in the game and open it up that way).
Does anyone know any methods of getting something like this to work? Am I stuck with trying to use timelines and blueprints? Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Update, I have found a janky, but seemingly effective manner of doing this:

Thanks for taking a look!