Building an installer for U4 game ...

Hi everyone.

My brother is building an installer for my U4 game and was following along with this 3 part series:
However part 3 never happened it seems.
Anyone knows of another good tut series on this subject or where part 3 might be?

Also does it really matter if you install your packaged game or not?
Does it run any better?
Why would we bother installing it?

I just know from experience with a lot of compositing programs for visual effects
that a program usually tend to perform better if its installed.
If it doesn’t matter with Unreal 4 and there is no need to bother with an
installer if someone can give me heads up thank you.

Thank you!

Installation isn’t really necessary - a packaged game will run from whereever (just an unzipped folder, for instance, works fine).

So for the most part to “install” the game you could simply have it unpack a zip and place it in the requested directory, and then place shortcuts if the user asks for them.

O.k. thank you for the answer. You say “not really necessary” … but does it make a difference if you install it?
I dont know programs well enough to really understand what install really implies other than putting files on your drive in the right places.
I suppose so when the drive spins it can find them faster?
So it helps with efficiency?
This is sort of a “grey area” for me :slight_smile:

So I hopped into the Wikipedia and what this looks like is a “portable application”.
That can be put on any computer and just run without need for installation.

Then I guess I am asking well why do other games I buy on Steam or standalone come with an installer?
Why are they not just “portable applications” ?
I mean … there must be a reason why they all go through a whole installation process otherwise why would the
companies spend time and money on creating a whole installer and process for their games?


For Steam it’s just a default location within the Steam folder - you can actually choose anywhere.

As for other standalone programs, sometimes they put info into the registry for various purposes, but the more common reason is simply to provide a consistent installation process and location that people are used to.

O.k. thank you. I also found some info online that installing a program gives a consistent read speed on multiple platforms since every platform is different. That to me makes sense too.
So by creating an installation of the game developers are “custom tailoring” the game to a specific platform.
Interesting …

Thank you. :slight_smile: