Building an external controler to drive the VR world

I’m searching infos / start guides about building an external controller windows (locally networked ?) to send events and start animations in blueprint to a VR world
Actually i’m after the more simpler path but bulletproof method as the job is targeted to a simple 1 controller <-> 1 displayed VR world configuration, not a multiplayer or a complex thing :wink:

For a start what is the general path for this ?
I’m thinking about building a single game but choosing if we lunch in the server or client mode ? then each exe talk each other via the network. ?

Many thanks if anyone as some pointer about this :wink:

I’ve done quite a bit of this.

I’ve been using an OSC controller on my iPad (touch OSC) which i’ve been handling with a python script - the script sends data over TCP to unreal and triggers events / sends data etc.

You could skip the python step by using the OSC plugin for UE

OSC is a great all purpose interface for devices - as well as my iPad I was also using a Novation Launchpad as a control device.