Building after 3rd party update

Hi, it’s me again.

I built a newer version of libwebsockets (which is a 3rd party software in UE4), then I put new lib files into proper directory, hit the build button aaaand… the builder said that the target is up to date.

It’s building only when I make major changes in library.Build.cs or I remove/add modules in game.Build.cs

I can rebuild the whole engine but it will be to time-consuming.

I was trying to force an error by deleting header file from 3rd party library and the game ran good without an error, so this behaviour might be dangerous.

It is also annoying when someone want to write his own 3rd party software and has to update it often.

The question: Is there a nice way to tell the builder that the library has to be linked again?

You might try to play with UBT command line, you might find way to build only specific portion of code

I found a workoround, it is the safiest if I remove the library intermediate files. Then I’m sure everything is compiled and linked again. Nasty workoround, but I didn’t find anything better.