Building a Third Person Shooter

Whats up Unreal community, while I have been still working on PROXY, I wanted to see what other kind of mechanics I could come up with and improve on for a third person shooter. So in this process I went ahead and put together a number of videos on building a new third person shooter prototype that is multiplayer compatible, most likely this will be broken up in a series and the first part of getting the character up and running is pretty much done. I don’t think I will be delving into creating a character from scratch but focus more on getting character mechanics working in conjunction with but there may be a little bit of brushing over custom character work but it might end up being brief due to the amount of resources that already exist on the web that go over how to do this process.
Hope you guys will find this useful and if you have any suggestions or ideas feel free to message or post a reply and if its possible I can see about how to build that into the character.

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Series 1 TPS Build
[CENTER]Latest Video: [SIZE=4]TPS Build Part 17 - [SIZE=4]Closing and Changes to Project File[/SIZE]
**TPS Build Part 17 Closing and Changes to Project File - YouTube
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Series 1 project file can be found here

**[SIZE=4]Latest Video: TPS Weapon Build
Part 2 - [/SIZE]Re-weighting Weapon Mesh and Starting Weapon Master Material
**TPS Weapon Build Part 2 - Re-weighting Weapon Mesh and Starting Weapon Master Material - YouTube

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Future Task List
([SIZE=5]Short Term)[/SIZE]

  • Adding in a Enumeration for handling mode of animation

(Long Term)

  • Creating a BAT for launching the game for testing client/server
  • Additional animation modes (Neutral, Weapon Ready AKA alert state, Aiming Weapons, Cover)
  • Cover detection
  • Prompts for action (Take downs/Melee, environment interaction)
  • Weapon switching (this may be the start of a weapon system build)
  • Shooting projectiles from weapon actor

I will try to keep a regular updated schedule as this series goes on, if there is anything that I may have doing incorrectly then please feel free to mention the correction as to what it was and Ill will do what I can to rectify that. The newest video upload will appear in beginning of this form post but when I update the forum post I will also include the video in the reply section as well so it will be just as easy to find the latest.

Thanks in advance and hope you guys find this information useful and looking forward to any feedback/information you guys can provide.

  • Kyle D / EvilOverseer88**

Just watching the intro video an I’m already excited. This series looks to have some useful game mechanics that I haven’t seen done yet. I’ve been playing Mad Max on the PC for “research” an I love the game mechanics are an how the player controls are. If you want any more ideas look to that game. An if you could work in some root motion character controls that’d be great. Thanks for putting these together.

Thanks ScottH454, I have watched a good amount of game play for Mad Max and will definitely get it in the future but I still have to beat the Witcher. From what I did see in Mad Max is when moving throughout the environment it felt grounded as if he was there where as right now the prototype mechanics and our game we hope to make the characters really work with the environment and react accordingly to the conditions that are presented.
For the subject of root motion I am working on that right now in getting the characters to detect each-other and then will need to get them to play the correct animations when a melee hit happens. Also thanks for the subscribe and I hope to provide you guys with some useful information and if there are things that you find out how to get working I would be glad to hear it :smiley:

There was one thing I was gonna mention regarding the secondary arm following the weapon. Somewhere I saw they used IK to stick the hand to the weapon. This would probably be easier once you get into different types of guns sizes.

I tired figuring this out a while ago when i was working on the gunsmithing bench but was not able to quite figure it out but it would be very useful for situations like you said. The spine control is good to an extent but can you provide the link to the guy that shows how he set that up by any chance?

I still haven’t found where I saw the IK hands being used. There is a lot on YouTube an even these forums that get lost an so I just recently started downloading videos to better organize on my own storage. So I finished your twelve videos an despite my short attention span I was able to finish with no problems. Your tutorials are easy to follow an understand. There was one thing I really like is in Moize Opels’ videos he shows a preview of what the video will teach.

I was trying to implement the look around head movement found in Kubolds’ MovementAnimsetProDemo an almost had it, but thought about the transform bone would be better as it doesn’t require specific animations. An when I took the aim offset blend space off the spines an hooked the animation back up the gun alignment was off so guess there was another negative towards blend spaces. I edited the ironsight copy we made so I just replaced it with the default animation when I put it back on the transform bone setup. A question about the transform bone though, I added two spine bones to the head turn so at what point is it to many?

When is part 13 coming out!!! I’M ready

Hopefully this next week, its been a crazy week with trying to catch up on some personal work for demo reel and all but I’ve been laying out a few more things well delve into. I am also most likely going to have to go over some more in depth animation subjects for the characters but I am looking around for resources to recommend to everyone.

But thanks for watching and finding the video’s useful! :smiley:

Two new videos posted today:
TPS Build Part 13 - IK Foot Trace (Part 1)
TPS Build Part 14 - IK Foot Trace (Part 2)

sweet stuff mate, youre doing just the content im looking for. subscribed!

Thanks Adeptus for the feed back and subscribing!

Here is another video for adjusting the Capsule Collision on the player character:
TPS Build Part 15 - Collision Capsule Adjustment

Sorry for the late reply ScottH454,
You can add as many spine bones as you would like but to give a good overall feel of transforming the bones I usually have values either evenly distributed throughout the bones i want to manipulate at a low value or have give a slightly less alpha blend value to the bones that are higher in the bone chain because it never takes that much motion to make the bones that are lower in the chain to move allot when the root bones are moving.

hi, Happy new year…can you please make a cover wall with different situation from tall and half wall, last jump over wall from half and tall wall.thanks

That will all be down the road as I am still testing different methods of a cover system to find one that is both flexible and efficient.

Finally got back to getting a few more videos done, at the same time have really needed to rework my website to provide additional resources for people to look at or even props that I may end up using if anyone would like to use them or just see examples. Still have a good long ways to go with this project and I have had to split the videos in to a number of other chunks to cover the different subjects that combine to make up the shooter characters. I am hoping that the project series will be a little more digestible instead of having to search through a list of 100+ videos just to find milestones that get reached.

Here is a link to the tutorial and resources page if anyone was looking a database of things to use that I will be adding to over time

Hello! I am following your tutorial series on Youtube and ran into an issue. I noticed your project resources site linked above is no longer available. Have these moved somewhere else? I’d like to reference what you have so i can correct the issue. Thanks!

EDIT: Looks like my issue isn’t actually an issue afterall. I will still need some help though… Turns out Epic changed the “Relative Rotation” for the camera boom to always be zero. So for the head movement tutorial the prescribed method is now out of date. Can anyone help with a workaround?