Building a Team from the Ground Up!

Hello I don’t know much about Programming but I know alot about gaming ideas so I am building a team from scratch and between the team we split the profits equally from all projects we do. I am one man on a goal to make this happen. I would like our projects to be on consoles and PC with zero fundings atm I ask this be volunteer work but afterwards as mentioned we split everything. I am going to need every role that a gaming industry would have so please if you have experience and want to take this leap with me message me your resume and information thank you.

A good story may take up months to make without working full time. Programmers will have to work these months and many more full time to get this going. Why would they split this with you mate? They can even make a nonsense story and still gain, but you cannot on your own… So you will have to contribute somehow, so I advise you to start learning something

On these forums, you talk to programmers man, not idiots

Sometimes i see strange things happening here!