Building a team for online console/pc game!

Project Information:

An online 3D social gaming platform, with a high focus on providing fun mini-games and experiences. Players can customize their characters and personal spaces. Interact with others and more.

We’re making a push for kickstarter which we believe will be successful, our brand name is already getting a lot of attention and support in other social/mmo games and players are excited to back the project.

The following positions are available

C++ Programmers (back-end)

Experienced Network Programmer

Blueprint Programmers

3D Artist

Level Designer


Hey Luke, sounds awesome. Just to clarify for us and other potential recruits, would you guys be looking to start work after the kickstarter or is this something where you have funds now to begin the preliminary work? Thanks

Ah, sorry for the confusion. We do have funds to start the preliminary work before the kickstarter.

I am interested.

Do you have an example of the art style you’re aiming for with 3D?

I am interested, mail sent !