Building a team for an Adventure RPG

After a lot of work on this project, I think Crezia needs a team. Crezia is an Adventure RPG game taking place in a realistic, and strange world,I say strange because it’s not fully a medieval world, if you want a concept it would be more a fusion between the witcher 3 and shadow of the Colossus athmosphere.
The aim is to create a coherent and realistic world with an coherent plot. I have yet an idea of this but you could help me to change/improve it!
So yes all places are free, priority on blueprint programmer and 3d creator.
here are some of the gameplay aims:
-avanced AI(base AI is yet integrated)
-full dinamyc combat system (base combat system is yet integrated)
-wide variety of nature(The map is yet barely done, link at the end)
At this point you have no reason to follow me: I will not pay you, I can not ensure any good ending, but i am not hiring a professional (but if you want to help me you are welcome !) i am hiring peoples who want to learn, who want to help in a project, who want to be part of a team or just peoples who doesn’t have anything to do :wink: Feel free to contact me even if you have never be a part of a project before.
The only thing needed is a minimal experience in your field and a lot of willing. Actually, a big part of the map had been made (link at the end).
So if you want to help me, just by giving me tips or by helping me creating a team you are welcome and you can contact me at:
For screenshots here is the Crezia post:Crezia - An adventure RPG game - Work in Progress - Unreal Engine Forums
(PS: english is not my native language so sorry for the grammar and yes there is a problem in the title.)

For now here are the precise places with their goals:

-3 Blueprint/C++ programmer for gameplay creation which include features required above

-1~2 3d content creator with experience on Blender/Zbrush/3dsmax for creating the characters

Optionals places :

-1~2 Animator, for rigging the characters.
-1~2 2D content creator, for creating the UI, must be experienced in photoshop.

Here is it for now, but you have to know tha if a team is created, the project would be a way more credible and so, maybe, can attract more peoples, it’s a positive circle.

I assume the game will be first or third person? Also what skills do you bring to the table? I saw the screenshots and immediately thought you would be considered a 3d artist.

Yes, you’re right this would be a third person game, and yes I am a level/environment designer, the “first needed” skills are a blueprint programmer with notions in gameplay programming and a 3d artist who could make human/monsters/other living things models. I know it’s a lot but…

Hey, Arkanis, I have received a mail saying that you have posted a reply but I can’t see it, please re-post :slight_smile:

Hi there,

Are you looking for a composer? Ill be happy to help out if you’re in need

Here is a sample so you can hear the quality of my work
Dropbox - File Deleted Reel - Adam Bow.wav?dl=0