Building a Roman Arena

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I come here to find help, and I hope you can help me (and sorry for my bad english)
I want to build a Roman Arena in Unreal, for a personnal ArchViz project, but I don’t know what the correct workflow would be to do that. In Blender, Maya… I would have used some array and bend modifiers, and magic, it’s done. But in Unreal I don’t know how to.

Should I separate all the parts ? then sculpt and texture, build it again in unreal, and do the array by hand ?

Or should I build everything in Blender, and import everything in unreal as FBX, but the model will be complex and the lightmap will be hardcore ? (and the scene not optimised with no instance… and more)

I let you some screen to explain my issue :slight_smile:
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Regarding modifiers in Maya, you will be able to freeze the transformations and delete history. Use that to create unique and modular pieces that you can piece together in Unreal. I suggest creating slightly different variations of the modular pieces in order to not allow repetition in the final product.

Thanks for the answer ! So if I understand everything, I should do a lot of assets and differents versions of this (like inferior arch 01, 02, wall 01, 02… with some sculpts and textures variations) and after this, import everything separatly in unreal to create some groups like my first picture ? (like this one : Gladiator's Arena - Making of – part 1 · 3dtotal · Learn | Create | Share )

And then, can I do a circular array of this differents groups ? (or array + bend like in blender) I found nothing about this on google or unreal guide.

I am certain that you would be able to randomly generate into an array using scripting/blueprints to set up the modular pieces. Otherwise, you’ll have to use surface snapping in the viewport to set up the pieces.

Ok thanks I will search that :slight_smile:
But I think than i will just do a full arena object in low poly to snap everything on that, it should not be terribly long.

Thank you so much for your help !
I will do a test this night.

Sounds like a plan, good luck! Can’t wait to see how it comes out. Also, make sure you have them all UV Mapped before you put them in or you’ll have to do it again.

Yep don’t worry, in my first archviz project I did everything wrong and i’m so affraid to do some basic error like this again, I will check everything 3 times :slight_smile:
I will upload this when it will be in place :wink:

Well I did it :slight_smile:
I got some free times to do this, I just buy the Array Placement Tools on the market, alleluia…