Building a plugin without building the engine itself

Hello all, I am a relative newbie to development in Unreal Engine, under the Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 IDE. I am wondering since the plugins are not individuals projects in the solution, only as the .cs build scripts. is there a way of building the plugin by itself in Microsoft Visual Studio?

I generally download the latest stable engine from launcher and start a new empty project. Then I add code if I started it as a blueprint project. Once your first compile of the project is done, close it and add the Plugin code/etc under a new Plugins folder in the project root folder. Then right click on the project file (blue icon) and click Generate Visual Studio files. Now when you recompile it will include the plugin content/source and you will only be compiling the empty project + plugin code, not the whole engine.

You can then take the plugin after it has compiled and share it, even to blueprint only projects. There may be a cleaner workflow, but that’s how I’ve been doing all my plugins.