Building a PC for Unreal Engine 4 with ~600€

Hi all,
I’m planning to buy a new powerful PC for UE4 on my birthday. I haven’t a big budget to invest, so I ask for help to You! :3
I’ve written down this list:

Gygabyte GTX 660 -> € 180
Intel i5 4460 -> € 170
8 GB Ram -> € 80
Hard Disk Western Digital 1 TB -> € 60
Power Pack 650W -> € 30
Case -> € 40
Motherboard -> I don’t know how to choose a motherboard, please help me :frowning:

Can I go with cheaper AMD hardware?
Amd A8 costs only € 90,
Amd Radeon R7 only € 120 :confused:

I despise intel, they produce expensive products that barely out perform its competitors in most tests. Why would you pay so much extra to have a just barely faster product, when you will never even notice it’s extra performance. It’s like buying an expensive super car when you’re only ever going to drive it on the highway(everyday use) and never on the track(bench-marking). I don’t want to tell you what todo but, you could get a better cheaper pc if you choose to not go intel. I’ll build you a set of two pc’s one amd and one intel, and you can pick what one you want or take ideas from it. currently 600 euro is like ??? 740 usd ? okay ill brb and edit this post.

Also i will assume you have a case in mind already and ill denote the motherboard size in each build so you know what size case to get.

AMD: - $ 641.63 usd without case. mobo size is regular atx (all of the items chosen are on newegg and instock for $672.84 if you want to buy at one place)
Intel: your build is about the same as what i built, for a motherboard you will need a lga 1150 socket type motherboard. with that you have chosen you have like 40 euro left and that cannot buy a decent lga 1150 socket mobo. if you feel like getting a cheap one heres an okay one this mobo is a mircoATX

the amd build is far better and cheaper, even if you bought it all at newegg.

Thank you SaxonRah :3
Can I use the PhysX SDK or PhysxLab even on a Radeon? I would like to create fluid and particle simulations.

Can I save on the power pack? It costs $ 120!!

im guessing you are in europe, this german place does some great deals

Thank you all! :3

**** it! If I only new about this place before I’ve started building(re) my machine

A power supply is the most important thing in a system.

I use physX Lab, and the sdk no problem.

Please can you tell me your PC configuration?
How much did you invest?

Never do this alot of people do it and think they get off easy but if i remeber correctly GTX 660 needs 450 W minimum.
Now include all the other hardware as well and devices you may be using, your going to max that out fast.

I can not tell you how much better its for your hardware to have more power then minimum recuierments.
The CPUs don`t use to much power 36 - 90ish W dependent on load.

You chose you motherboard dependent on socket, you ussely decide what type of CPU you want.
Then get the correct socket for the motherboard.

Its 2ish yers now since i got this system but price back then was $2800 US

32 GB Ram?! Why so much?

So I can take full use of the multi channel memory architecture.
I just happen to come by a memory kit that was very affordable so I ended up with 32GB.
Its a bit excessive actually.

I think i whould add 8GB RAM more to your build but other then that i belive you be more then fine.
I have mate that has 8GB and he runns out when working in UE 4 sometimes.

Do you have an SSD yet? I can say that having your OS and UE installed on an SSD is just wonderful, I recently switched from HDD to SSD and I can say that loading, saving etc all feels smoother so its a waste not to take this into account when planning a hardware upgrade.