Building A New PC

So I am planning on building a new budget PC for gaming, and the games I will most likely be playing are: League of Legends, Metal Gear Rising, Tekken 7, GTA V, Minecraft, and some RPG games like Riders of Icarus. While I was puting parts together on PC part pickers it said that some parts may not be compatible due to the BIOS and I have no Idea what BIOS are other than upgrading can either be beneficial or not. I would just like to know if my build is fine and nothing wrong will happen with the PC I plan to build. My build is in this Link, and with this build im trying to keep everything where i can buy it from memory express, and try to keep the budget under $700
The memory i plan to have is in this link:
and I plan to have an SSD and have a HDD, and the HDD i plan to have is:
Also if you guys have suggestions on how to make my PC better feel free to give your opinion. Thank you in advance

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