Building a mmorpg Anime/Fantecy style map ( Progres post )

**Bevore reading I have Dislextia So It would be Stupit ENG SORRY **

Hi my name is adriaan

I have made som litle games 4 my self
and now im going big

Im now working on a mmorpg map.

Today 16-2-2017 Started whit the Landscaping of the map
This is how far i come today

But i dident statr bevor i made my self a Paint brus whit all the textures in one
I like to have youre feedback on what i can do bether with this

MAybey i can get som help of you homies
Becos i started this by hust thinking about a fun map to build
But a fraind of my told me way you dont build the game
I was OKE i want to but realy dont know how to build a mmorpg with Unreal or with a outher program
So if somwon ho is willing to have a fun project with me you can always hit me up

All of the progres will be added in this post

NEw update on the map :17-2-2017