Building a game for the past year or so....

Hey all, Or to anyone that’s reading this ^^;

This is my first post to the forums and it’s because ive been sinking all of my time into my game that ive been slowly but surly building in unreal engine 4 (alone, mind you) and while i know i haven’t showed and screen shots i can assure you i can model, animate and texture since i do it as a job :smiley:
anyway not gonna be showing any screenshots this time but have quite a bit of stuff in my game after a year or so of work

So the game currently has the following features all of which have original meshes and animations:

  • Playable 3rd person character with 26 animations containing root motion and not
  • Full combat system with up-gradable attacks
  • Automatic Jumping
  • Automatic Crawling (just run into a crawl space)
  • Auto following camera (it will move and follow the player rotating to be behind them when they move around it)
  • movement is mapped to screen space rather than player space so that the player pushed the thumb stick in the direction they want the character to go at any time and they will go there
  • upgrade able dodging system with “limiters”
  • context sensitive User interface and button usage (A on 360 controller or E on a key board
  • upgrade pickups
  • money system that actively counts up on the UI when collected :smiley:
  • push-able block and button puzzles
  • particle systems
  • sound effects
  • NPC dialogues that type out and can also be skipped mid sentence zelda style
  • Full AI with 21 animations that tries to keep itself out of harm as well as look for the right opportunity to attack and also pushes the player away if attacked to much (non of that “see player > move to player > attack player > move to player etc” here guys”)
  • AI has auto difficulty scaling for those player who may find them too hard (its very slight)
  • A health system that is a little different to the norm, “theres no bars here guys!”
  • super secret story driven system but its there and working finally
  • grass that bends away from the player when stepped on
  • 1 full environment in progress (cause ive been working hard perfecting all the above)
  • seamless level switching system (that means NO LOADING SCREENS)
  • a constant 60 FPS but if this becomes difficult to achieve i will make the game at 30 FPS but the aim is 60 FPS

So yeah ive been quite busy for a while, I will very soon be getting some screenshots hopefully and then afterwards maybe a demo to those that really want to play the game, and i know its not much and i really, really cant wait for you guys to see this when its done (or closer to done), may need to open a kick starter eventually to pay to get the thing on steam, but time will only tell if you have any questions as to how i achieved some of this stuff in UE4 feel free to ask and i will try to answer (not too good with forums never really applied myself to them very much, so very sorry if it takes a while)

UPDATE: Interactive grass

Hey Guys,

So i figured I’d post some screen shots of the grass, since i was kinda happy that i got it working in 30 minutes over a lunch break and then added to it for a couple more lunch breaks after it

So heres an image of the grass before interaction…

and heres an image of the grass during interaction…

Now ive tested this with 3 PC’s and it consistently runs at 60 FPS with a full room of grass, they are each a blue print but they don’t have any tick events the way i do it is to only tick when they are overlapped and once stopped overlap the tick stops too thankfully the programmers at work believe this is the best way to do it so i think I’m going in the right direction…maybe

anyway the material also uses the simple grass wind node to help them wave about a bit too.

OH, This is not the characters actual mesh, I want to unveil her later so i created this box character mesh as a cover skin for this sort of thing

just thought id share…really not used to posting on forums

Preview of Pushable Block

So this is some video footage from my Unreal 4 game, ill be posting 1 video of a feature of it every week for you guys to see, as well as on the unreal forums here:

and my tumblr here:

so here we have my push able block, all Zelda style and junk, this is a very small portion of my game, and actually one of the most worked on parts since its very difficult to move things in a way like this when the only other option was using physics and they were janky as all hell.

basically you can grab on to the block on any side and push it for as long as you need to, once it hits a wall or the indent in the floor that its set into it will stop and you will have to push it another direction.
Also if you run back at any time you will let go of the block and best of all everything in the game is coded with both FULL controller and keyboard support.

The character is not the final mesh this is just a block character to hide my actual mesh as i want to reveal her later.

the intro sound was downloaded from the free sound project here:

Letter by letter printing Dialogue

Hey guys,

So in this video I show you how to create a macro that will allow you to print text letter by letter in unreal 4 and a quick look at how my dialogue system works too.

hope this is helpful to you guys

if you have any questions on how i got this working just hit that reply button.

big thanks the all the programmers at work for this one, thanks guys

find all my updates on the game on my tumblr here:

Looks great! Keep up the good work!

Hey all,Okay a bit nervous but heres a first look at the game ive been working on solo for a long long time. All textures, models, animation, materials, code and video editing have been done by myself.

The music however was done by an amazing musician on you tube called Acid Notation, you can find him here:

if you would like to follow the development of the game you can see any post for it in the future here:

Hi Gravzer333.

Looking very good and full of action. I have the greatest admiration for the solo Game Dev. You obviously possess many skills and super strong motivational drive. Keep up the awesome work!

Don’t be nervous. It seems like you have something very cool rolling. Keep it up and keep us updated. :smiley:

Thats looking exceptional. Really like the style. Is that ponytail animdynmics or using animation?

The hair and scarf are using simulated bones but im looking to replace bothe with nvideas cloth physics at a later date but learning it will take a while =)

Yeah that would, I am currently attempting to use animdynamics on my game, cloaks, hair, flappy bits :slight_smile: but I suspect with the the length of your ponytail your current solution may be best.

The design is fantastic, keep it up.

this is a really nice game! design is the best.

Okay so, i know its been a VERY long time but im gonna start getting this updated with all my new updates along with twitter and facebook, so if anybody heres still interested in the project you can follow it here^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author

ill be back weekly to make updates :slight_smile:

its actually using bone physics :slight_smile: though its been a long time since it was set up