Building a Dial In VR


Hello, I am trying to make a dial for a radio in VR. Currently I am using the get hand location and rotation function in my VR pawn blueprint and then getting all actors of class from the VR pawn and using the Get array to access all my components and variables. Setting the left controller rotation and right controller rotation to update every tick. What I am trying to do is get the static mesh of the sphere that this blueprint is attached to. Checking if the trigger on the controller is pressed again being set in the VR blueprint. “Grabbing Left”, and “Grabbing Right” are set when their respective trigger is pressed. using this as a condition as well as the collision with the sphere collision component attached to the child of the sphere, and setting the rotation of the sphere. I’m aware that the sphere will jump once it’s colliding and the trigger is pulled but that’s fine. I wouldn’t mind a blueprint that does the math of just rotating rather than just syncing the the rotation with the hand but rotation synchronization will do fine for the meantime. Giving me the opportunity to figure it out myself. Thanks in advance.