Building 4.12.5 from source on a Mac

How do I build the UE4 Editor from source on a Mac running El Capitan and Xcode 7.3.1?
The docs appear to be outdated, since GenerateProjectFiles.command generates a workspace, not a project. The “UE4Editor - Mac” is nowhere to be found. I tried compiling the “UE4” build target, but that did not work.
Any advice would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Ah, so I only failed to compile the ShaderCompileWorker first. Oh well. Thank you very much!

Follow the directions on the GitHub Readme - those are the up-to-date instructions. They’re not hard to follow, but they aren’t at all intuitive either. I couldn’t get it working without those instructions.

Hello Daniel W,

One thing that I just noticed that this particular page of documentation is missing is running the Setup.command file as it was mentioned on an earlier page. Did you do this prior to running GenerateProjectFiles.command?

I’ve also placed in a ticket to get this page updated with current information.

When opening the Workspace that is generated, you should be ready to build immediately. The scheme should be UE4 > My Mac. As far as changing this for different build types, that has changed with the more recent versions of XCode. You can use the “Edit Scheme” option to select the build configuration you wish to use. The default should be Development Editor.

If it’s still failing for you, what kind of errors are you receiving?

Thank you. It seems like it really was the ShaderCompileWorker (see above). Everything works fine now.