BuildCommand.Execute: ERROR: BUILD FAILED


I’ve got a few problems compiling my game for Android.

In the quote I’ve added the last lines. In the attachement is the shortend outlog file (whole version was 5mb, too big to upload)

I’ve tried to compile it on both 4.5.1 as well as 4.7.1 (just for testing purposes)

I could really use some help with this!

Here’s my setup:

For some reason that “RunUAT.bat ERROR: AutomationTool was unable to run successfully.” haunts many people recently.

I move this to feedback with 1 month link here. It gets better attention there.

Also answerhub is even better place to post this.

Hi Penhoat,

Please take a look at our mobile troubleshooting guide here:

If the fixes listed do not help, please make this a post on the answerhub in the bug reports section at so we can assist you in depth. On your answerhub bug report, please ensure to provide the information located on the mobile troubleshooting guide in the “Creating a Bug Report” section.

Unfortunately, the Automation tool error is super generic and could apply to lots of things. The real issue in this particular stack is the ‘ERROR: ant.bat failed [/c “C:\NVPACK\apache-ant-1.8.2/bin/ant.bat” debug]’, which is the Apache Ant/Java part of the TADP installation. How it’s not getting installed correctly is the question. Here is an AnswerHub threadwith a solution that worked for another user, but that seems to only work for fresh projects. I have suggested this fix to yet another user and it worked for fresh project package but not for existing projects. I have advised him to try again after deleting the existing project’s intermediate folder and letting it rebuild new. We will see if that helps.

I feel like providing more feedback because this particular error has held me busy the last few days.

My log:

Deleting the existing project’s intermediate folder and exporting again did not help.
I am running the latest TADP version with all the Tools installed.
I have my apk signed (or at least I think I have it signed).

I noticed there is a difference between our logs: I have “failed with args” in front of the path to ant. Does that mean something specific? (I read it had something to do with a non signed apk but mine is signed)
Also this error occurred randomly, I belive, as my app was working just fine with being exported to android ETC1 then suddenly without any Blueprint changes it broke.

EDIT: The error stopped after I doubled the “/” in the path to my .keystore. The first time I did that had no effect. Managed to upload two apk’s on GooglePlay.