Buildable Platform on boat not working

For some reason i used the Raft_BP and change my stuff that i want to change. I move the structure Platform into place, I then spawn the boat item and place in water and try to build on it… i get this:

If i bring the Boat into the level in editor and givetome it shows green but wont build.

i didnt alter anything in the platform structure. Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction here…

no one knows??

Well I havent messed with the raft too much (but since no one else has posted any suggestions) I would look into adjusting the “platform” on the raft model. The raft has 3 models on it… the raft, the platform and the sail. It looks like you added a model to it? You may want to raise the “invisible” platform up a bit to match your models height.

Look for Platform Saddle Max Structure Build Distance 2D and you will need to play with that setting to get it right.

The build distance starts from the root of the skeletal mesh so for instance with my mod, I had to set it to 7500 because my barge was much longer than the vanilla raft. You boat look pretty big as well so just play with that number and you will be able to fix it.